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Body Smoking

Body smoking is known to relax, cleanse, detox and rejuvenate your skin, body and mind.

  • 1 hour
  • From 40 Canadian dollars
  • Body Smoking Spa

Service Description

Experience the ultimate detoxification and rejuvenation with our unique Body Smoking service at Body Smoking Spa. Our experts use traditional techniques to heat natural herbs, which are then applied to your body to draw out toxins and impurities through sweating. This treatment not only cleanses your body but also improves your circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Discover the benefits of Body Smoking with us today. Benefits: ​ Helps correct digestive disorders while soothing the nervous system. ​ Relieves stress and anxiety. ​ Boosts fertility. ​ Eases menstrual cramps. ​ Balances hormones. ​ Fights infections. ​ Tightens and smooth’s the vagina. ​ Give the skin a glow. ​ Nourishes and hydrates the skin. ​ Helps reduce dull complexion. ​ Acts as a sedative (wonderful for insomnia). ​ Soothes and Tightens after child birth it is popularly practiced among different cultures worldwide.

Contact Details


17203 62 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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